Happy Earth Day!

Plastic Pollution

So, this post is about plastic pollution! How much do you know about plastic pollution?


What is plastic pollution? Plastic pollution is an environmental issue. Every year, 8 million waste (specifically plastic)

is stranded in the ocean and that’s about 5 full garbage bags! Crazy right? The bad thing about plastic in the ocean is

that sea creatures eat the plastic, for example, fish. Then us humans, fish the fish and we cook it and eat it. So, 

basically, plastic pollution is a massive amount of plastic that affects the environment and wildlife.


How can we help put a stop to plastic pollution?

  • Recycle Properly
  • Take part in Beach cleanups
  • Support places that try and stop Plastic pollution
  • Don’t litter on the street
  • Try not to ignore plastic on the street, pick it up and put it in the right place
  • Use reusable plastics like reusable bags
  • Don’t buy plastic bottles
  • Spread the word about the issue!

Have a happy earth day everyone!


For more info on Plastic Pollution go here:

Click me!

Click me!

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200 word writing challenge

As soon as I set off to the rainforest I come across a wobbly bridge. It looked very unstable despite this I went on it anyway.

Luckily for me, the bridge did not break. Finally, I made it to my rainforest hut, inside my rainforest hut there was my bed and some cameras so I can capture some interesting moments. Meanwhile, I see a flying squirrel! It was so majestic!

On the second day in the rainforest, I went and saw some monkeys! After that, I consequently bumped into another person in the rain forest, I was so surprised! But then I realised it was a statue however I did see a tree frog! 

Sadly, I had to go home after that, the rainforest was really pretty!

Jae Park